Our club’s committee is made up of current members who have all volunteered to help with the general running and organization of our club. Positions are reviewed and altered, if necessary, each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in January.


The committee meet on a monthly basis after training to discuss all current matters and affairs affecting the club.

All members are welcome to attend these meeting and are encouraged to voice their opinions.

If you are interested in applying to be on the club committee, please contact us

Dave Oldfield


Nick Duggan


Adrian Eagle

Vice Chairman


Mike Levery

General Secretary

Dawn Wesson


Malcolm Taylor

Health & Safety

Becky Pitcher

Emergency First Aid

Alexa Dale

Coaching Secretary

Georgina Williams

Membership Secretary

Clive Summerfield

Website, Media & Publicity


Helen Cameron

Clubwear Officer


Neal Matthews

Social Secretary


Joe Fowler

Men’s Vice Captain

Yvonne Witter

Female Welfare Officer


Ben Mahoney

Male Welfare Officer

Chris Ireland

Men’s Captain

Clare Thompson

Women’s Captain

Becky Pitcher

Women’s Vice Captain


  • Dave Oldfield
  • Laura Inglis
  • Natalie Cosgrove
  • Rob Creasey
  • Mustafa Mohammed
  • Stuart Little
  • Alexa Dale
  • Neal Matthews

Leaders in Running Fitness

  • Nick Duggan
  • Adrian Eagle
  • Yvonne Witter
  • Clare Thompson
  • Becky Pitcher
  • Heather Fisher
  • Claire Spencer
  • John Doherty
  • Helen Pickford
  • Caroline Richardson
  • Richard Watts
  • Clive Summerfield
  • Kate Little
  • Rachel Fullwood

Endurance Officials

  • Nick Duggan
  • Adrian Eagle
  • Malcolm Taylor
  • Mike Levery
  • Chris Ireland


  • Jim Delaney
  • Phil Knapton