Report by Rebecca

This was my second Club 10K and my first event of the 2019 season.  I graduated from Learn to Run in September 2017 and did my first Sheffield 10K in 2018 promising to do more and better 10Ks in 2019.

The plan started off with agreeing to pick up Jack from Heeley Baths Car Park.  I was slightly worried that the only person in the car park at 8.15 was wearing Jeans a coat and a bobble hat, but fortunately I recognised him as I drove closer.  

The benefits of sharing Izzie’s car parking / where to meet plan on Facebook the night before was that a few of us parked in the same area, it was reassuring to see the blue sweatshirts as we stumbled around tying the tag to our shoes and stowing our belongings in my boot.  (No Bag Drop at Dronfield.)

Off we all walked chatting away,  then realised that no one of us had actually made sure we had walked in the right direction!  Fortunately St Johns Paramedics were setting up, they always know. 

At the start we all huddled together like emperor penguins, and then assembled at the back of the line.   I was slightly in awe of the number of club shirts and impressively athletic looking people, only one comedy dusty bin who still ran faster than me.

The course is one small circle and two larger circles of suburban Dronfield (think Gerald from Full Monty) just enough to get you completely confused about where you parked your car.  Lots of uphill flat sections and gentle undulating hills but and endless stream of pale blue shirts passed me and shouted come on Sheffield, well done Sheffield, you can do it Sheffield.  I wished I could shout back, but the hills had taken my puff, maybe next year.    Izzie was there on the corner cheering me on and at the end Alexa, Sara and Jack all shouted me to run harder to the finish.  

Thankfully Izzie was there to guide us back to the cars. The great thing about running with SRC really was the friendship and fun in taking part and I want to thank everyone who cheered me on,  so I’m looking at the timed events in May, I might brave a Trunce (although I am a bit of a girl) and the Rotherham Parkrun and I’m sure you’ll be shouting at me there too.  Looking forward to it!

Run report for Dronfield 10K – 706 Runner from the Back