Most of SRC’s Tuesday training runs take place around the roads around Don Valley, the city centre and towards Meadowhall and Rotherham, but the elephant herd that popped up in Sheffield this year gave some of our run leaders a different idea!

Several groups did their own “Elephants Run”, the last of which took place on 4th October just before they were removed to be auctioned off to raise money for the local Children’s Hospital. Clive led the 10:45-11:15 group up to the City Hall and around Sheffield Station, taking in various elephants on the way.herdofelephants

Elephants included:

Lingo, Elephant Inside Out, The City Elephant,Tin Lizzie, And…Repeat, All as One, Sheffield Botanical and Interst-Elephant.

Following on from our successful Elephant Runs, we may try some other themed runs – we already have the Christmas Lights run arranged for Tuesday 7th December – wear your reindeer ears and tinsel!

Elephants – Following the Herd Tuesday Runs