Over the last 9 weeks, our Learn-2-Run group have progressed from running for just 1 minute up to 30 minutes continuously, culminating in a graduation parkrun. Usually, we head off to Rother Valley, but as it was cancelled due to a race for life event, we descended on Poolsbrook parkrun instead. A few of the group had run parkrun previously, but for some it was their first ever 5k; their success is best summed up by the parkrun round up below.


“This is the Sheffield Running Club Learn 2 Run group who started from nothing 9 weeks ago and have gradually been building up to a 5k. They were at Poolsbrook today to finally graduate up to a 5k run without stopping. From couch to a 5k in the space of 9 weeks is an amazing achievement. Well done to each and every one.”

We made it into the Poolsbrook parkrun round-up!


The group now progresses into regularly running 5K or longer on our club training nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Learn-2-Run May 2017