On Thursday 5th October 2017, 12 runners took to a very busy Woodbourn Road stadium to take part in the latest edition of SRC’s timed mile trials.

There were 5 first timers, along with PBs for Rob Cassy, Chris Moss, Samya Armoush and Alexa Dale.

Massive thanks to Mike for starting / timekeeping / recording; Chris Ireland, Ben Mahoney and Andy Buddery for pacing; and Zaheer Mahmood for the photos.

Full results from Thursday’s mile time trials:

Yvonne Witter – 10.00
Sarah Palmer – 8.10
Zaheer Mahmood – 8.09
Alexa Dale – 7.22
Rachel Miller – 6.28
Mandy Taylor – 6.20
Ben Fieldhouse – 5.55
Samya Armoush – 5.53
Chris Moss – 5.34
James Thompson – 5.31
Rob Cassy – 5.30
Benjamin Mahoney – 5.10

The all-time mile spreadsheet is available here .

MICROSOFT EXCEL ONLY: This is a more interactive version of the mile time spreadsheet but will only open and work correctly in a full version of Microsoft Excel 2007 or above. It probably won’t work on tablets, phones, Mobile Office or similar but if you have Microsoft Excel, it can be found here.


Club Timed Mile October 2017