On Saturday 12th May 2018, 13 runners took to a quiet Woodbourn Road stadium to take part in the latest edition of SRC’s timed mile trials.

Ellen McLeod broke the ladies record, running 5.26. The ladies record was set in 2009 by Rachel Kane and the closest anyone else had come to it was Debs Platts-Fowler in September 2015 (5:38) – Ellen has improved massively over the past year and her dedication to training is definitely showing in her results!

Jane Saunders is a new member to the club and ran 8.07 on her first time trial, not bad considering she was originally put herself down for 9 minutes for the mile.

Alexa Dale recorded 7.54.

Neal Matthews clung onto the 7-minute pacemaker for as long as possible, but still finished in 7.12, only 6 seconds slower than his PB.

Alan Pickard was another first timer to the trials, and recovering from an injury last year, but ran a brilliant 6.55 for his first trial.

Mandy Taylor recorded 6.28, only 8 seconds slower than her last attempt of 6.20.

Chris Heggs is another new member to the club and has become a regular at the Tuesday and Thursday sessions at the club – he ran 6.24 for his first timed mile.

Mark Piper was another first timer, recording 6.14.

As above, Ellen McLeod ran 5.26 to break the ladies record.

Amir Nanpazi was yet another first timer, and ran 5.25 for the mile.

Ben Wilkinson improved by 2 seconds from 5.24 to 5.22 to set a new PB.

Rob Cassy, hopefully feeling a little fresher after his recent marathon training, improved by 8 seconds to run 5.22, another PB!

Jed Turner set his previous best time back in 2012, but improved by 2 seconds to run 5.18.

Andy Buddery is making his way back from injury and ran 4.55, which still keeps him in the top 10 all time list for the timed miles!

Massive thanks to Georgina Williams-Mahoney and Dave Oldfield for timekeeping and recording; Chris Ireland and Ben Mahoney for pacemaking; and Rob Jones and Andy Pickard for the photos.

Full results from Saturday’s mile time trials:

Jane Saunders – 8.07
Alexa Dale – 7.54
Neal Matthews – 7.12
Alan Pickard – 6.55
Mandy Taylor – 6.28
Chris Heggs – 6.24
Mark Piper – 6.14
Ellen McLeod – 5.26
Amir Nanpazi – 5.25
Ben Wilkinson – 5.22
Rob Cassy – 5.22
Jed Turner – 5.18
Andy Buddery – 4.55

The all-time mile spreadsheet is available here.

MICROSOFT EXCEL ONLY: This is a more interactive version of the mile time spreadsheet but will only open and work correctly in a full version of Microsoft Excel 2007 or above. It probably won’t work on tablets, phones, Mobile Office or similar but if you have Microsoft Excel, it can be found here.


Timed Mile Trials – and a new ladies record!