What can I expect?

The club offers varied training sessions geared to helping you to become a better all-round runner. Whether it’s long runs, sprint training or hill sessions, there’s something to suit everyone no matter what level you’re at. Our friendly coaches adopt a ‘no pressure’ approach to training which allows you to take things at your own pace. Our sessions also have a great social vibe which makes it the perfect opportunity to chat with other runners and make new friends!

I can’t make all your sessions, can I still join?

There are no minimum requirements in regards to attending sessions. Some of our members turn up to every session week in, week out, whereas others choose to train to their own schedule and prefer to just attend our social events. We understand that everyone has different commitments outside of work and training, so just come along whenever you can.

Can I try you out before I commit?

Or course. Feel free to come down and meet with the group one evening and if desired, join in with a couple of our training sessions before you decide whether to join or not. This will give you the chance to get a feel for the club and also ask any questions you may have.

I am new to running, can I join?

Anyone can join Sheffield Running Club. Whether you are an experienced runner or a complete beginner, everyone is welcomed and you will find numerous other members who are likely to be at a similar level to you. Forget the ‘elitist’ image that many running clubs may have, our club is made up of some great characters from all walks of life who all share the same love; running!

How much is it to join?

Membership is £35 per annum which runs from 1st April until 31st March each year

Download a membership form from the website and either apply online, bring the completed form along to a training session or send it by post to the address on the form. You will then shortly receive a welcome letter with your membership details.

Where do you meet?

We currently meet in the cafe at the English Institute of Sport on Tuesday nights for long runs and Thursday nights for interval training. Please turn up for 6pm, ready to run. We also hold Monday evening track sessions at Woodbourn Road Stadium, and Saturday morning hill sessions from Oughtibridge Woods in Oughtibridge.

There are changing rooms and showers at English Institute of Sport. Use of the changing rooms and showers is £2.50 unless you are a member of Sheffield International Venues (SIV). Lockers cost 50p (refundable). There is free parking in the car park at English Institute of Sport or iceSheffield. There is a track fee for Monday evening track sessions.

How long can I expect to be running for?

A typical training session will last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on your ability. No one will make you train for any longer then you feel comfortable doing, so if you’re new to training then you can take it easy to being with.

There are changing rooms and showers at the EIS. Use of the changing rooms and showers is £2.50 unless you are a member of Sheffield International Venues (SIV). Lockers cost 50p (refundable). There is free parking in the car park at the EIS.

How fast do you run?

Training groups are split up based on ability, so you will be placed in a group of runners who are at a similar level to you. Our fast groups will train for up to 90 minutes on a long run at a pace of around 7mins per mile, whereas our lower groups will run for shorter periods of around 45mins at a pace of around 10mins per mile. No-one gets left behind on a long run and we will take regular breaks if needed, but it is advisable that you are already able to run for around 20mins at a steady pace for safety reasons.

How far do you run?

Tuesday night runs (meet 6pm at EIS as above) can range from just a few miles for the lower groups to up to 10 miles for the more advanced groups. We decide on time/distance as a group before each run to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the planned session. Thursday night interval sessions (meet 6pm at EIS as above) are made up of short distance fast paced running (400m – 1600m) with periods of recovery in between. Although the total distance covered in this style of training is relatively short, it is a great way to build up your strength and speed. Details on other sessions on out Training Sessions page.

Where do you run?

On Tuesday nights we start from English Institute of Sport at 6pm and keep mainly to pavements, roads and trail paths in the Sheffield area. There are no set routes, so we can go wherever we like! Club members are encouraged to suggest their own routes, as we try to keep it as varied as we can. Thursday night interval sessions are normally held on a nearby athletics track or quiet patch of tarmac near to English Institute of Sport, away from any busy traffic.

Does everyone run races?

Not all of our members choose to race, but many do and gain great enjoyment from it. Membership with our club will grant you discounted entry fees for most UK races and we also give our members the opportunity to compete in numerous races throughout the year, free of charge. Racing as a club member allows you to compete as part of a team and experience events in a whole new way. There is always a great buzz amongst members on race day, which is the perfect way to ease any nerves you may have! Just read some of the race reports on the website to get a sense of what a hugely enjoyable experience race days can be.

Do I need any special gear?

A good pair of running shoes should be considered if you are interested in running on a regular basis. In winter high visibility clothing such a reflective top is a useful addition.  Our club kit includes singlets, t-shirts, jumpers, running bottoms and jackets, all sharing the traditional light blue and black Sheffield Running Club colour scheme. It is not compulsory to purchase kit, however it is a nice addition to your running wardrobe. A singlet must be worn at all league races which can be purchased from the club. Take a look at our online club wear shop to see what kit is available.

Are there any social events?

The club hosts numerous social events throughout the year, from evenings at the pub, curry nights, camping weekends and even training holidays abroad. All members are welcome to attend and the club actively encourages the social side of membership. We train hard but we also play hard!