The Dam Flask Relays incorporates the South Yorkshire Road Relay Championships. It is an open road relay race for England Athletics affiliated clubs.


This year’s Dam Flask Relays are on Tuesday, 25th June 2019.

Race starts 7.00pm from Low Bradfield, Sheffield, S6 6LB, with the headquarters in the cricket pavilion on the village green at Low Bradfield.

  • MEN: SM, M40, M50 – 4 legs of 3.507 miles*
  • WOMEN: SW, F35, F45, F55, M60 – 3 legs of 3.507 miles*

This is an open relay event held under UKA Rules and open to clubs affiliated to England Athletics. Due to the limits of the number of teams permitted this year, we cannot accept entries from any club that isn’t affiliated to UKA, even if we have done so previously.

Parking & facilities

Can competitors please arrive early and car share as much as possible. Please do not park anywhere in the village as we need to maintain a bus route and keep the course clear. On arrival, please follow the car parking marshals’ directions, and bear in mind, the earlier you arrive, the more likely you will park closer to the start line.

The car parking will be initially in the village car park, then up Fair House Lane to the bus turnaround, then along Windy Bank towards Agden Reservoir on both sides of the road. Finally, cars will be directed up Mill Lee Road above the Plough. From the furthest parking point, it will be a maximum 10 minutes’ walk to the start/finish. There will be NO PARKING on New Road or anywhere within the village on the course. Car parking marshals have instructions to move cars parking up which aren’t in the designated areas.

Please DO NOT park in the Plough Inn car park or use their facilities – toilets are available in the cricket pavilion.

Our start time is 7.00pm which may be delayed to allow any changes to on-the-night declarations. The men’s race will start first, followed by the women 5 minutes later.

Entry Options

Download the entry form for your club here and email it back to us before 21st June.

There are two payment options:

  • Pay Pal (preferable) through this link – no account necessary and pay by debit/credit card
  • Payment on the night by cheque (no cash please)

There are limits to the number of teams entered (200 total.) Each club will be allowed to enter a maximum of 20 teams per club, but there will also be a reserve list, and should less than 200 teams enter by midnight on Friday 21st June, you will be notified that weekend as to how many extra teams you may enter.**

Changes to teams and running order can be made on the night up to 7.00pm. There will be no entries on the night. Entry is £20 per men’s team (4 runners), and £15 per ladies / M60 team (3 runners.)

All athletes must be UKA registered, registered to a club and be first claim members. Second claim members can only run if their first claim club is outside South Yorkshire. Due to the limits of the number of teams permitted this year, we cannot accept entries from any club that isn’t affiliated to UKA, even if we have done so previously.

For clubs not based within South Yorkshire, all athletes must be first claim members and can qualify for prizes, but cannot qualify for the South Yorkshire medals.

The minimum age is 16 years old on race day – Juniors should be categorised as Senior Male and Senior Women for the results.

Prizes and awards
South Yorkshire Championship medals to the following: 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams for SM, M40, M50, SW, F35, F45 (all 3 legs). 1st team only for M60 and F55.

Up & Running prize vouchers to the following: 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams in the men’s and women’s races. 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest individuals in the men’s and women’s races.

* The course was accurately measured in 1990 to be “3.5 miles + a few metres”, and has not changed. The course measurement data can be found here.

**We appreciate that some clubs may wish to enter more than 20 teams and encourage use of the reserve list, however, we have had to introduce a limit to the number of teams due to car parking and funnel management. In 2014 we had 360 runners; in 2018 we had 726 runners (the event has doubled in 5 years) which puts enormous pressure onto Low Bradfield, and at the start / finish line.

Our updated privacy policy regarding the publications of results can be found here

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